Monday, October 13, 2008

Two is better than one

I can't help all of the posts about muffins. I love them. These are Mango with a bit of Macadamia nut. Mango might just be on the top of my favorite fruit list and macadamia nuts are pretty good themselves. So, as LemonCadet says "two is better than one".

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Wireless said...

Hey Aaron! Thanks again for donating the Rice Krispies treats to the U92/Wireless bake sale! They sold out really fast, and were totally delicious.

I just read my box of sprinkles and I think they're vegan, unless confectioner's glaze has something non-vegan in it. I tried to find out online but didn't come to any conclusions. I sold out of my cupcakes, anyway! I'll save you one next time.

Thanks again!