Monday, June 3, 2013

Wedding Cupcakes!

Wedding Cupcakes from the weekend. Chocolate w/Raspberry Cream.
These were definitely my favorite. Lemon Ginger w/Lemon Custard & Vanilla Cream!
Always amazing Carrot w/Vanilla Cream
Coconut Lime w/Vanilla Cream.

Gluten Free Chocolate w/Raspberry filling & Ganache and Chocolate w/Raspberry Cream
Coconut Lime Layer Cake w/Vanilla Cream
Chocolate w/Raspberry & Ganache

         Congratulations Ruth & Jack! 


Jaime said...

I am so happy that I found you! I have been searching for a gluten-free bakery around Morgantown for over a year since being diagnosed with a gluten-allergy. I am also getting married and have been looking to find someone to make a wedding cake/cupcakes for my special day :)
Do you possibly have a price list and options for special events? I have not seen anything mentioning so. Thank you!!

VenerableBean said...

Hi Jamie,
Email TheVenerableBean AT for prices and options. Thanks!